Berrima House in Modern Tropical Look Dwelling

I do love tropical house like the Berrima house that located in the Berrima Street in Singapore. Last winter I went to Singapore in research purpose. Then I stayed in this house. This house is belonging to my Asian friend when I was in college. She is really friendly and really welcomes me when I arrived in Singapore. Her house is come really modern with the wide windows all over the house. She really loves the tropical sun shine then bought this house because this kind of house can provide her enough sun shine to enjoy.

Not only the wide windows that trims all over the house, but also the green garden and the spacious swimming pool that really made me amazed. The garden is really thick of grass and the various plants can grow perfectly there. I know that the plants of tropical area are really come variously but that garden is really awesome. Just felt really tranquil and blend to the white wall and the black panes that trim the house perfectly. In the side of the house there is a small fish pond that makes the house really adorable.
The Modern Dining Room

The most exciting spot there is the dining room that trimmed by the white chairs and the round glass table as the dining set. Moreover, the dining room is trimmed by the wide windows that make me and my friend can enjoy the beautiful garden and the fresh swimming pool water from there. The sun rise and the sun set also can be enjoyed from there perfectly. Then in the afternoon we usually spend our time there with a cup of tea with a small chit chat and a glass of flash back.
The Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom not really come modern but it comes really minimalist and interesting. The floor come in a black marble floor and the bathroom furniture is come in white that really suitable to the marble floor there. She also put the wide mirror there to make the small bathroom looks more spacious. The bath up shaped in oval and really comfortable. Then the beautiful sink come in a shape like the bath up itself.