Best Bedroom Colors in Green Wall

My father chose best bedroom colors for his new master bedroom. He wanted to create the new ambiance when he changed the bedroom color. Yet, he discussed the plan with mother. He also told his plan to me. He wanted to ask help for an interior designer. Then, I told him that I have a designer friend. He wanted to meet my friend soon. He wanted to change the bedroom color soon. He told me that he was bored with the old color.
Finding the Needs

Before my father met my friend, I told him to mention his needs. He should mention the color he wants. Moreover, he should mention what kinds of the furniture. He told me that he wanted to replace the old furniture in the bedroom. He wanted the new atmosphere in his bedroom. Then, he met my friend to get the bedroom layout. He has mentioned the needs before. My friend then drew the layout for him. Several days later, my friend brought the draft. My father agreed with the layout. Hence, the placing of the furniture was started.
Seeing the Result

My father told me if the renovating and decorating the bedroom finished. I came to his house to see the result. I saw the green wall to the room. It is very light atmosphere there. I also saw that he placed the brown wooden suede divan. He placed the black side table. He also placed the peach single sofa in front of the bed. He placed the brown wooden cabinets for the vanity table. Above the cabinets, he placed the square wooden mirror. Moreover, my father placed the blue floral carpet under the bed.

Furthermore, my father thought to beautify the room by maintaining the light system. Of course, he mentioned the lighting to my friend. He placed the white sitting lamps above the side bed tables. Then, he also installed the hidden lamps on the ceiling. To the windows, my father put the white curtain. However, my father has been completely changed his master bedroom. Therefore, I could see his satisfaction smile along the day anyway.