Best Colors for Bedrooms for New Bedroom Ambiance

My mother wanted to renovate the bedrooms in the house, so that she looked for the best colors for bedrooms. She wanted to create the new ambiance for the bedroom. She has counted how many rooms are in the house. She mentioned the plan for master bedroom, my brother’s bedroom, my sister’s bedroom, and mine. It means that she wants to renovate four bedrooms. Then, she wanted to apply different theme for each bedroom. Yet, she wanted to focus on the master bedroom.
The Master Bedroom

My mother likes something in classic design. The previous bedroom design was also classic design, but she wanted to create in different way. Then, she placed the brown wooden suede divan than the other bed types. This bed has high head board with hidden lamps in it. She then placed the brown wooden cabinets under the rectangular wooden mirror. Since she likes reading, she placed the black standing shelves. In front of the bed, she placed the brown single sofas and the small round wooden table in between the sofas.
The Other Bedrooms

After finishing the master bedroom, my mother moved to my brother’s bedroom. She placed the white bed frame. Yet, she built the black wall behind the bed. She also placed the black rug as well. My brother does not like the complicated thing. Hence, my mother designed it in simple way. Then, she moved to design my sister’s bedroom. She placed the girly thing there. She placed white bed frame. In addition, she added the stripped red bedcover. She also applied the red floral wallpaper behind the bed. She also added the red crystal chandelier on the ceiling. It is so my sister.

Then, it was my room’s turn. My mother placed the white steel bed frame. She also put the peach bed cover on the bed. She also placed the white wooden cabinets near my bed. She put the white pattern wallpaper to all wall parts. Moreover, my mother needed about a week to arrange all in a good order. We also help her by placing the furniture inside the room. However, all of us are happy to get the new room.