Blue Interior Design Ideas in Unique Theme

My younger brother is the blue fanatic, so that he built the house with blue interior design ideas. I visited him last week when he held the party in his house. The blue house is kindly interesting for me. He could design the house beautifully. The house I think is like a amusement park. My younger brother has married yet. He is still the college student. Yet, he has worked in a design firm. Therefore, he is like an artist more. Of course, staying at his house has given me different ambiance.
Talking about the Bedroom

My younger brother allowed me to stay in his bedroom to take a rest before the party started. I saw the dark blue wall. He placed the black bed frame in king size mattress. He places the stripped blue bedcover and pillows on the bed. Then, I saw red wall shelves and the red side bed table under the white sitting lamps. I took a rest for a while then I got up. I wanted to get something to drink. Then, I walked to find the kitchen.
Talking about the Kitchen

I found the kitchen in blue theme. My younger brother installed the cream stone backsplash there. He placed the blue cabinets and counter with stainless steel accent there. Then, he placed the white kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. Next to the island, he placed black breakfast table with wooden dining tables. He also installed the cream ball lantern hanging lamp.

Moreover, I saw the interesting place in my younger brother’s house. It is his living room. He placed several blue lollipop sofas hanging on the ceiling. He then placed the high blue sofa in the middle of the room. Moreover, he placed the unique glass table there. To strengthen the blue theme, my younger brother placed the circle blue carpets under the lollipop sofas. More than that, my younger brother has been ready to hold his party there. he wanted to get perfect party in the house. Still, he was afraid of lacking the chairs, so that he added the navy blue long sofa with blue and yellow cushions in the party spot.