Buddhist Retreat House in Modern Concept Dwelling

In Utah I ever saw the Buddhist retreat in the middle of the desert land. This dwelling is really perfect for the sanctuary for such religious peace of mind and soul necessity. Although this dwelling is for the sanctuary, the designer makes it in a modern concept house that has its beauty to be united with the nature surrounding. In the upper porch I can saw the edge of the porch that blurred by the wooden floor and the sand that blend without a rail or fence.

The porch is the best place to do yoga and make your mind and soul in peace. There we can see the beautiful desert view, feel the breeze and hear the nature sounds clearly. This dwelling is designed in a modern concept. Then if you want to have it as your house, you will really love the scenery in the porch and from the wide window that set there perfectly face the hills and the view. In the second floor living room you can also feel the sun shine through the wide window that set together with the modern fireplace.
The Modern Sense

The modern sense of dwelling is come appear to the house perfectly through the practical and simple stuffs that set there. The other stuffs that indicate modernity are the hidden lamps that set in almost all of the rooms, the minimalist rails that set in the porch, the bold color block spiral stairs, the bar stools dining ideas, the flat roof, and the other stuffs that make it really minimalist and stylish. The modern fireplace that shape in oval and hang upon the ceiling and has black color really make the sense in the living room so modern as well.
The Tranquil Sanctuary

Although the house is set in modern concept, then the sanctuary is not left. In the living room and the porch provide the owner of the house the space to do the things that will make their soul and mind in peace. In the porch is the best spot that will be called as tranquil sanctuary. Remember it is open air and the breeze and the sunshine can perfect make your yoga quality. Moreover the beautiful scenery there will make your mind unite to the nature.