Casa Valna House with Wooden Stuffs and Beautiful Garden

Last week I went to my uncle’s casa valna house in Mexico. His dwelling comes in a very modern house. The flat roof, the minimalist front yard, the stony porch floor and the white outside wall is really suitable for the modern touch that trims in the inside of the house. My uncle is a simple person. Then he I know why he trim his house in a minimalist look and in a simple way. In the inside of the house I can felt the warm sense that comes from the wooden stuffs and the yellow light in it.

His house shaped in L letter and come in two stories. The modern look is really felt from the wide windows that set in the house. The wide windows trim in most of the living room and the kitchen. In the living room the wide window is face the garden then I can enjoy the green of the lawn from the living room while I was had a chat with my uncle or just enjoy my coffee in the morning there. In the dining room most of the furniture comes in wooden colors including the stairs. The wall is still in white as the ceiling that really unites to the floor into one modern look.
The Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is located in a room with living room. Both of the room is trimmed by the wide windows perfectly. Then I could saw the really beautiful scenery from the bar stools and the living room through the wide windows. The beautiful garden complete with its various type of plants gave the good feeling in the morning when I was there. The kitchen is set in a wooden floor and the wall is in a white like the other room. The modern touch indicated from the modern style bar stools and the kitchen island that comes in a set with the bar stools.
The Magnificent Garden

Then the garden of his house is really beautiful. I know that he really love gardening. Then he plants various plants there beautifully. The most interesting in his garden is the colorful vine that grows in the wall. I call it as the wall plants that beautifully stand still in the middle of the garden. The garden could be seen from the living room perfectly. His Backyard is stunning garden like a Garden of Eden.