Coffee Décor for Kitchen to Have Coffee Café Look

My grandmother is coffee holic as what we called her, and then she wanted to have coffee décor for kitchen. Of course, we should think about that again. Still, my grandmother wanted to realize the dream for sure. Then, she asked me to help her decorating the kitchen. She wanted me to find the kitchen furniture. Then, she would see the furniture. She told me also to not remove the old things in the kitchen. After that, I tried to call my friend who is the kitchen designer.
Having the Meeting

I told my grandmother to meet my friend who is the kitchen designer. My friend could help her about the kitchen design. Then, I told my grandmother to have their own meeting. I could make the appointment for them. Several days later, my friend came to my grandmother’s house. She met my grandmother, and then they discussed about the design. My friend told her to mention what she wanted and needed for a kitchen instead of coffee decoration as mentioned before. Then, my grandmother told that she still wanted to use the old furniture, but she only wanted to add the decorations.
Setting the Decoration

My friend understood what my grandmother wanted to decorate the kitchen. My grandmother wanted to make the kitchen like a coffee café. Hence, my friend has the view of the theme. My friend told me that the old kitchen furniture can still be used for this theme. She, then, told me that the concept only added the coffee café things. My friend placed the brown backsplash between the kitchen cabinets. The old kitchen cabinets are made from wood. Then, it could be added by anything decoration.

Furthermore, my friend added the lighting for the kitchen. She installed the antique green chandelier. She built the additional wall shelves to place the additional ingredients. Then, she added the ingredient jars. The jars are pictured by the famous coffee brands. To more strengthen the theme, she put the announcement black board like in the coffee café. Moreover, my friend changed the paint for a side. She painted it with green. On the green wall, she drew the coffee picture there. It looked very good there.