Computer Desk Ideas for Small Space for a Boy

My son is the gadget geek, and then he asked my husband to build a computer desk, so my husband looked for computer desk ideas for small space. Why my husband looked for the small space. It was actually adjusted to the room. My son told him to build the computer desk in his bedroom. Of course, the desk would not be enough to place there. Then, he looked for an idea to set the desk. My husband also considered the other things like budgets.
How the Plan is

My son helped my husband to find the right computer desk. My husband, then, asked my son to the details. He should mention the details to get what he wanted. My son told to my husband that he wanted something in simple. The important thing that my son told to my husband was that my son felt convenient when he is using his computer. Later on, my son said again that he wanted to decorate around the desk by himself. My husband agreed with that. Yet, my son should make the list of decorations so that my husband could calculate the budgets.
Choosing the Desk

My son, then, looked for the suitable design even browsing to internet. Then, he got the inspiration for the computer desk. He wanted to get the cream computer desk set. He has estimated the cost if he should buy the furniture one by one. He convinced my husband to buy the desk for him. My son explained the features of the desk. He told that the desk has several shelves and cabinets. Hence, he could keep his stuff there as well. My son added that this desk has already had the complete features. Fortunately, my husband likes the idea.

Then, my husband offered what decorations that my son wanted to add. My son told that he wants to add the lighting and the chair. He wanted to install the sitting lamp and the centre lamp. Thus, he could get enough lighting to play the computer. He wanted to have black office chair. For the lamps, he wanted to add black sitting lamp. Moreover, he wanted to install the hidden cabinet lamps there.