Condo Kitchen Designs for Modern Contemporary

My friend was looking for a kitchen design for her mother in law, so she wanted to apply condo kitchen designs. The reason why she chose that design ideas is because her mother in law lives in a condo as similar as her. As we know that condo has various width and length. So, she would like to measure her mother in law’s condo. The funny things happened to her. When she asked for the condo size, her mother in law did not know the size. How come it can be, her mother in law has lived there for more than five years.
Planning the New Kitchen

My friend, then, tried to measure the kitchen space by herself. She only measured the width and the length. Hence, she could calculate the exact size. Moreover, her mother in law still has the old kitchen. She also thought to remove all the things there. For the final option, my friend called dump truck service for removing the kitchen. She wanted to resell the furniture. Of course, it would help to add more budgets to buy the new kitchen furniture.
Getting the New One

My friend asked her mother about the theme of the new kitchen. Still, her mother in law did not mind to every theme that my friend chose. Hence, she felt freely to choose the theme. My friend thought to give modern touch to the new kitchen. Then, she came to place the furniture after buying them last day. She placed grey marble brown wooden kitchen counters. To complete the counters, she added the brown kitchen cabinets. Then, my friend put the marble kitchen islands in front of the cabinets. She put the brown leather kitchen chair aside the islands.

My friend wanted to set the kitchen in modern contemporary. Hence, she could combine the furniture freely. Moreover, she also thought about the lighting effect. She added the small ornamented chandelier. Besides that, she installed the rounded centre lamp to enlighten the kitchen more. To strengthen the theme, she installed the brown marble floor there. She, then, added her mother in law’s favorite thing. She added the wooden kitchen bookshelves to facilitate her mother in law to try a new recipe.