Contemporary Bedrooms for New Girl Bedroom

My daughter requested to build a new bedroom for her because she has already felt bored with the old bedroom, and then she planned to take contemporary bedrooms. I told her that she should make the plan by herself. She accepted what I have told her. She, then, planned the bedroom precisely. She wanted that all the things should be perfect. Then, she tried to list the furniture. She, then, discussed the furniture to me. I told her to tell the detail. Hence, my husband and I would understand what she needs.
Picking the Furniture

My daughter picked the furniture like the typical bedroom. My daughter would place the furniture in her room. Of course, my husband has known the size of the room. He told to my daughter that she should adjust the furniture she wanted to the room size. It was not only about that thing, my daughter should look at every corner of the room. Hence, she did not make any mistaken of choosing the furniture. My husband added that my daughter should pick the functional and efficient furniture.
Making the Layout

Moreover, my daughter has listed the furniture. She wanted to have unique bed, but it should still relate to contemporary design. She also wanted to add the chandelier, small table, bed bench, etc. She mentioned about the decorations as well. After looking for the furniture, she decided to place white wooden bed frame. She wanted to add white cupboard. Then, she wanted to apply the floral green wallpaper to her room. She wanted to choose the bed with white head board. It was because she should wanted to get the fresh and white bedroom theme.

On the other hands, my daughter has thought about the decorations as well. Of course, she decorated it with something that can represent her personality. The decorations were like painting. She likes abstract painting, and then she installed the painting on the wall. She also thought about the lighting effect. She wanted to put white sitting lamp. To beautify the room, my daughter added the brown rug facing the bed. More than that, she also wanted to add white bed bench. So, she could get the room she wish for.