Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas for Classic Fireplace Theme

Fireplace is the important thing stuff in a house like what my sister in law thought, and then she looked for contemporary fireplace design ideas. She has built a new house. Yet, she did not set the design for the fireplace. The reason was that she has not found the suitable design yet. She confused about how to build the fireplace. Where she should start is always been questioned. Moreover, she had ever built the fireplace for her old house. That time, she wanted to have unique and different design.
What to Find to Have the Fireplace

My sister in law has ever planned and built the fireplace for her old house. Then, I told her the steps remain the same. She could do the similar steps when she built the fireplace. She told me about that. First, my sister in law decided the theme. Related to the theme, she arranged the stone, the floor, and the furniture around the fireplace. Second, my sister in law told me to decide the fireplace shape. There are many shapes like square or circle fireplace.
Building the Fireplace

She wanted to build the fireplace to her house. She actually likes the classic style. Hence, she is likely to build the classic fireplace. She chose the natural stone fireplace. It would be built in unique design. She also featured the stone fireplace by the modern technology. She was interested in installing the digital fireplace. It would be contrasted to its theme. Still, if I looked at the fireplace, it looked great. Moreover, she added the floral painting above the stone fireplace. This painting strengthened the classic theme.

Moreover, my sister in law wanted to cover all in classic. Then, she really tried to build that. She installed the classic chandelier in the middle of the room. Aside the chandelier, she installed classic hanging fan. She did not forget to her hobby in reading. She added the white bookshelves near the fireplace. Then, she put white curtain to the windows. More than that, she installed luxury marble floor. Not stopping that thing, she added grey sofas with cream rug under the glass table.