Contemporary Kitchen Design for Anniversary Gift

My friend told me about his plan to build his wife dream kitchen, and then he told me something about contemporary kitchen design. He wanted to build the new kitchen for her wife. It was for the anniversary gift. He saw that the kitchen is too old for her wife. He realized that the kitchen should be changed in a modern touch. It has been long time that his wife is interested in contemporary art design. Then, he planned to build the design for the kitchen as his wife favorite.
Looking for the Kitchen Furniture

My friend told me to help him finding the right kitchen furniture. Of course, he did not experience about the kitchen things. He, then, tried to list the furniture that might be needed in the kitchen. He showed the list to me. I thought that he has listed the right furniture for the kitchen. He listed the kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen oven cabinets, and the kitchen chimney for the ventilation. Since the former kitchen did not have kitchen islands and kitchen trolley, he wanted to add those things to the new kitchen.
Placing the Furniture as the Layout

My friend has looked around to get the right furniture. Then, he told me to draw the layout. He placed the brown wooden kitchen cabinets. Then, he added the black steel kitchen counters. He also put the grey kitchen chimney above the counter. Moreover, he wanted to add the black granite kitchen islands as his plan. He completed the islands by adding the orange bar chairs. Then, the chairs have specifications like high height, so the children can reach the top of the island easily.

My friend also bought the kitchen trolley to carry the food to the dining room. He considered buying this because of practicality. His wife usually gets problem if she should move and carry the food to the dining table. More than that, he also added the glass dining table set with white chairs. It would strengthen the theme of contemporary. I thought that his wife would obviously accept her gift for anniversary.