Costa Esmeralda House in Minimalist and Rustic Interior Design

This is my eldest brother’s Costa Esmeralda house which is located in La Esmeralda, Argentina. I travelled from New Jersey to Argentina just for to see my brother’s house. Actually, the house is come modernly complete with the unique shape of a house that has a flat roof and two stories dwelling that come unusually. The vegetation there also the same with the pine forest of Mar Azul that really famous with its variety of acacia trees that grow like a bush in near my brother’s house perfectly.

The air is really fresh and the view is really beautiful like in the savanna, but when in the summer the sun is really hot then applied the wooden blind outside the house is the smart idea to adjust the sun shine that come across the house perfectly. The designer of the house must be really knowledgeable with the weather conditions of the place and the land condition as well. Then the house is colored by the neutral and natural colors like the pale wooden color, white and black.
The Modern Small Kitchen

The kitchen of the house is not really spacious; remember the place that placed behind the dining room and the living room that placed in a room. Even though the kitchen is really small, but the furniture and the wide windows make the kitchen looks spacious. The placement of the kitchen makes the small appliances tidily and neatly lay upon the shelves that come really simple and minimalist. Then the counters that designed simply really suitable to the small kitchen like my brother’s kitchen as well.
The Minimalist Small Bathroom

The bathroom also comes in a small space. Even though the bathroom comes really small but it can count all of the bathroom furniture that needed like the toilet, sinks, bath up, and the showers. What make this bathroom really look beautiful is the wide mirror and the yellow low lighting that makes the bathroom sense feel more spacious. The floors of the bathroom come in a dark wooden color that make the bathroom become so elegant even in the small space.