Côte d’Azur: The Lost Paradise

In this summer, my friend and I want to spend our holiday together in French, in Côte d’Azur. We Choose French as our holiday destination because we want to see the center of world’s fashion. Moreover French has a lot of magnificent place, both nature or shopping spots. We want to have the girls days out there and we will spend our three months holiday there will be. Then why we choose the villa? I do not know, Jessica chose it, I just really excited with the magnificent exterior and interior design in the villa, I think that would be really great if I stay there for three months.

Moreover, the villa is near the bay. I do not really sure how long we will arrive in the bay from the villa, but I am sure it is really near remember that the picture of the villa in the advertising has a bay side sight. Then the villa just give us the complete facilities like the gym center, large swimming pool, adorable bedrooms, outdoor living, modern comfortable bathroom and many more that we, as a girls, will really please to stay there in a long period.
Bedroom That I Reserved

There are more than just three bedrooms offers to us. Then I choose the bedroom that has a spacious look with a classic wide mirror in it. The King bed size and the princess sense that I do really adore. Of course I will dwell the room with my friend, maybe Bella or Julia. Why I chose the room? It is just because the most spacious room is only the room. Moreover, the ceiling is come in a motive. Then the owner provides the LED television in it. Then my holiday with my friends will be perfect.
The Window Sight Bathroom

What I need the most was answered by this villa. I need the really comfortable bathroom with window sight bath up and the wide mirror. Actually the comfortable one is enough, but if there is provided for me the more than just a comfort, why not? The sweet sense that come from the cream wall and the floor that really blend into one ambiance that really lovely from the picture in their website. I just love to see the bathroom and the sense there.