Craftsman Style Interiors in Rustic Modern Style

I do really adore my uncle’s craftsman style interiors house. Actually, my uncle is not a craftsman, but he is a painter. He bought the house in the suburb of New Jersey that really has lovable interior designs. The rustic modern style that come across the house make me feels just like home. Almost all of the furniture and the stuffs come in wooden and use the natural and neutral colors that really sweet and blend to the wooden stuffs that set there.

Moreover, the house nears a beautiful view of flower garden. Then when the wide window is open in the spring and summer the smell of the flowers can be wafted up to the living room. The beautiful view also becomes one of the factors why my uncle bought that kind of suburb house. The ambiance of the house is really tranquil and warm through the natural colors and material used, like the fireplace that made of stony wall and the floor or the furniture that come in woods.
The Rustic Modern Style Living Room

The house is really come in a rustic style even though the furniture is really modern. In the living room, the wall set in a pale green and the floor in a light wooden floor. Then the furniture comes in a classic style with its brown shade and stony fireplace. The fireplace is not in a classic look but already in a modern style of fireplace. Then the rails, the ceiling and the bar stools come in a wooden too that really make the house in a rustic style, but the hidden lamps make the different feel there.
The Rustic Style Porch

For the porch the style come really rustically. Not like in the inside interior, in the porch the look in a totally rustic style. The floor is from the stony floor, and the foundation is from brick. Then the bars also come in a stony colors that the same to the floor. Then the ceiling set in a wooden like the door and the panes. There just provided two wooden armchairs that really suitable to the look.