Custom Home Libraries for Small Apartment

My cousin wanted to add the library in her apartment, so that she looked for one of the custom home libraries. She wanted to build the additional library because she needed more space for her books. She likes reading very much. She likes books of various genres. She likes exploring the books. Moreover, she wanted to become a writer and librarian at once. Thus, she needed more space for her books. She also needed to arrange the new room for the new library as well.
What Her Choice

My cousin told me to help her in arranging the new library. Yet, I do not have any much information about this kind of library. Then, I asked my friend to help her in choosing the kind of library. Before meeting my friend, I asked my cousin about her willingness. My cousin told me that she wanted to get a big bookshelf, so it would be enough for her books. If it is so, I told her that she might change one of her room in her apartment. She said to me that she has the plan of it. She wanted to make two functioned room. She wanted the library in the living room.
The Design of Library

After my cousin told her plan for the library, I understood what she wants. Another reason was the apartment is small, so my cousin should maintain the space. When I called my friend to help her, I mentioned my cousin’s requests. Of course, I made the appointment for them. After meeting for several times, my cousin told me that she got the dream room. She would place the black wall bookshelves in the living room. She also uses the bookshelves as the television cabinets at once.

Moreover, my cousin would place the orange couches with round wooden table. Since her apartment floor is wooden floor, she did not change it for sure. She has discussed it with my designer friend. Moreover, she also thought how she will reach the upper bookshelves. Hence, she put the brown wooden ladder there. To enlighten the room, she placed the black standing lamps. Anyway, I have been waiting for the design result later.