Custom Home Library Design for Every Home Style

If you love reading books, then you have to custom home library design for your house. I ever saw the adorable home library that heavenly decorated. I choose three home libraries that really beautiful trim the house. The first is my uncle’s; the second is my college friend’s; and the last is awarded to my neighbor. Three of them are wonderfully trim the house with the style that make me really comfortable to sat there and read a book for hours there. The sense and the comfortableness are really adorable.

The first home library is belonging to my uncle. The home library is just the same like the other home library, but what makes this library become so special is the way my uncle sort the books beautifully based on the cover colors of the book. He arranges it in a simple and minimalist wooden rack together with the white sofa and some colorful cushions. The sense there is really cheerful and comfortable. Actually the way he sort made me little bit hard to find the book that I mean.
Modern Home library

Then the second home library that really adorable is awarded to my college friend’s, the home library set in a modern sense with the diagonal shape of the rack and it is widely set in a wide windows room in the second floor. The diagonal shape of the rack make the books there arrange also in diagonal shape. She smartly sort the book depend on the theme and she use the numbering system that ease her to find the book that she want. The grey couch and the black standing lamps make her home library come modernly.
Wine Rack for Home Library

Then the last home library that comes beautifully is awarded to my neighbor’s. He set the wine rack as his bookshelves. The pale wooden colors from the rack is really suitable to his natural colors room and resulting the beautiful home library that trims with the minimalist bay windows complete with the colorful cushions. The look is really make the guest that come there feel really comfortable.