Custom Home Library Design for Additional Room

Adding the new room like library in the house would need more time and budgets to think, so what my brother in law did, he looked for custom home library design. My brother in law has the passion in reading. Moreover, his daughter also likes reading. This was another reason to build the library. He, then, looked for the design. As said previously, he wanted to custom the design. He wanted to place the combination of shelves, furniture, and the other decorations.
Looking up the Plan

My brother in law told me about the building. He asked my husband to help him because my husband has a friend that is professional in this field. Then, my husband made an appointment for him and my husband’s friend. My brother in law told to my husband that he wanted to get the wall bookshelves. It meant that my brother in law wanted something in big size, but it should not use more space than he has prepared for the home library. Moreover, my brother in law wanted to combine the library with the television room.
Building the Plan

My brother in law found the idea for his home library. Moreover, he got the suggestion from my husband’s friend. He built the black wall bookshelves. This kind of bookshelves would stick on the wall. As said previously, the library built aside the television room. He did that plan. The library is separated by the brown sliding door. Hence, the library would be more spacious. My brother in law also planned to add the furniture there. He placed a set of table and sofa.

In addition, the library has a large window there. Then, my brother built white window bench there. Hence, everyone who wants to read while enjoying the sunlight can sit there. My brother in law also placed the red sofas and the glass table there. He placed the white sofa as well. To add more lights, he installed the yellow chandelier and ball lantern lamp on the other side. Moreover, he added the arch lamp near the white sofa. I thought that he was great in designing the library anyway.