Domus Civita by Studio F and Middle Age Look Dwelling

In this weekend I came to my old friend’s house in Domus Civita by Studio F, Italy. It spent no more than just 5 hours to arrive at her adorable dwelling. I flight from United Kingdom to Italy and landed in Rome Ciampino Airport that claimed as the nearest airport to Civita. No wonder, as the trip from Airport to my friend’s house I see a beautiful scenery of Italy. Then the most exciting moment is when the taxi was come to the bridge that connects to the Civita land. The view was really adorable and the old castle can be clearly seen from my taxi.

After came so far to this magnificent land called Civita, I try to find my friend. In the front dwelling, I can saw the really beautiful garden with natural stone and tidy plants arrange complete with the typical details gazebo in the corner of the garden. With the classic beautiful fountain and the outdoor nook to enjoy the sunset or just have a chit chat with a cup of tea. There I can see the valley scenery that really adorable. That was my first time to see such adorable view like that.
Modern Classic Middle Age Living Room

What I really amazed is she has two living rooms, the living room itself and the underground living room, how amazing it was. The upper living room is set in a total modern look. The grey couch, the green chairs, the round table and the wall lamp are set in a modern and minimalist look, but for the fireplace, it is still in a middle age look, really adorable, the details and the sense is perfectly amazing. I cannot imagine how this dwelling become so modern but still has a middle age touch perfectly.
Underground Living Room

Then, to reached the underground living room, we have to through the wine cellar that really amazing designed. Then we have to down stairs and find the underground living room. Actually, It is not really living room because my friend said that the place is for meditation, but we spent our time there with a bottle of wine perfectly. The room was only like a cave with a pillow and cushions. Then there was only trimmed by the white candles for the dim lighting.