Eins House Integrated the Minimalist Design House

I went to Spain for a week last two months, and then I had an opportunity to visit the eins house there. I had my short-term holiday in Spain. Then, I met my old friend accidentally. He continues his study in Spain. It was my luck to meet him in my holiday. Moreover, he offered me to be my tour guide while I was staying in Spain. Of course, I did accept that offer. I could ask him the place that should be visited by the tourists like me. We planned our schedule for next day.
My Friend’s Offer

We met in that morning. I was ready to visit the beautiful places in Spain. Then, my friend picked me up in my hotel. In the middle of the way, my friend offered me to accompany him to his friend’s house. The house is located around the city. He said that the house has unique home design. He added that I must be interested in the design. Of course, he could make me more curious about the house. On the other hands, I have never seen or visited a house in Spain.
Looking at the House

My friend and I arrived in his friend’s house. The house is very simple both in the design and the shape. Yet, it looks very pretty and comfort. The house is featured with high ceiling, an extraordinary fireplace, and the little natural light. I saw the house from the outside. It was constructed with cement and glass. I saw the sliding glass doors around the house. I entered the room by the door anyway. I saw the spacious functional room there. Hence, my friend’s house placed the fireplace in the middle of the room.

Moreover, I sat on the black sofa in the living room. Then, I saw the dining room and the kitchen in the other space of the room. It is separated by the foyer and the grey and brown wooden stairs. His friend placed the white simple kitchen design for the house. Furthermore, I saw the black square table and four white chairs in the upper hall. I also saw the white hanging lamp there. Anyway, the house has good air circulation due to the sliding glass doors.