Enjoy Your Fireplace Safely This Winter

Winter is the right time to maximize the usage of the fireplace, and then you can also enjoy your fireplace safely. The first things is just make sure that you do not put the flammable things around the fireplace like fabrics things, wooden, alcohol, wine and the others that might can harm you and your family. After you surely that there is no harmful things around your fireplace, you had better to check your fire alarm and the smoke detector are properly working.

Make sure that you have enough fire alarm and smoke detector in your house. You can put them in every story of your house. If it is needed, if your house is too large and the fire alarm and the smoke detector can reach the signal, you can put more than one fire alarm and the smoke detector in a story. Then if it is found not working properly you can call the repairman to repair the fire alarms and the smoke detectors to keep your house safe.
Use the Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Carbon monoxide is difficult to indicates, whereas the effect of the carbon monoxide is really fatal to our health. The carbon monoxide is produced by the woods or oil burned. Then if you have enough carbon monoxide in your house you need to purify it. Every house that has a fireplace needs to set the carbon monoxide monitors to keep your life and you family safe. Only one for a house is enough remember the price of the monitors is not cheap to be set in every floor in your house.
Proper Material Burned

Remember to only burn the proper material to burn in your fireplace to keep the air in your house in a proper condition to inhale. The proper materials are like a paper and timbers. The timber that is good to be burn is the hard woods like oak, maple and ash. The moist and soft one will make your chimney stained by the creosote that come from the moist woods you burn that will make your chimney become a thing also flammable.