Ethan Allen Bunk Beds for Your Small Room for Two

If you try to make your room with your room mate in minimalist look then it is the best choice to choose the Ethan Allen bunk beds in your room. Beside you can make your room in minimalist look, you can also simplify your bed together with your room mate. Then if your room is in a small room, you can start to think to make your room looks wider by choosing the right color for the wall, floor and the stuffs that already exist there.

Then you can also try to obtain the one that provide you the drawers that will make you easy to keep your small appliances in your room. The bunk beds that provide you the drawers or shelves is really sell widely spread in the stores. Beside the one that provide you the drawers, you can also choose it depend on its colors that will stunningly trim your room and choose the color that will help you to obtain the wider look for your room.
The Shades of the Room

If you want to make your small room looks wider, you can easily try to change the color of your wall with the bright colors like the natural colors or the soft one. The natural colors are like the soft grey, white, cream, ivory or the soft colors which are consist of the soft pink, lime green, amber, scarlet, soft yellow, and the other colors that initially with soft word. Then set the floor in white or just make it in a wooden floor. Remember that the wooden floor come in three types, then it is better to use the pale wooden color to obtain the spacious room.
The Lighting of the Room

After you successfully obtain the bunk beds that provide you the drawers and the book shelves, and you are already set the wall of your room in a natural or soft color then you can try to start to set the light for the room precisely to make your room in a wider look. You can set the white bright light for the night and for the bed time you can set the dimmer that will make the sense there in a sleepy mood perfectly in your lovely bunk beds.