European and Japanese Dining Room Tables and Chairs

The sense of the dining room will be really affected by the dining rooms tables and chairs, wall and floor color and the lighting. You can simply choose the theme that you want to obtain there like European vintage dining room style or the minimalist Japanese dining room sense. Both of them has its own beauty to be apply in your dining room. Just smartly choose the furniture and combine with the other stuffs and the colors that you try to obtain there perfectly.

Always remember that vintage and minimalist look will really need the natural calm wall colors like white, ivory, black, wooden colors, cream, amber and many more. Then so on for the floor colors. For the minimalist look, you can also obtain the wide window there to make the minimalist look of your dining room looks wider. Then if you try to obtain the total vintage look in your dining room, you can hang the classic or middle age chandelier upon your dining room’s ceiling. Not only chandelier, you can also set the wall lamps or the detailed window panes.
European Vintage Dining Room

For the vintage dining room, you can set the wall and floor in a natural colors, said it in a ivory for the wall and light wooden color for the floor. Then you can also set the detailed ivory window panes there that covered by the transparent white or brown curtain that will trim your dining room perfectly. Then set the dining set there. Try to choose the one that come in vintage typical detailed engravings and the seat pads that come in a tone with the wall and the floor. By hanging the sweet classic vintage chandelier you can also obtain the best vintage look ever there.
Japanese Minimalist Dining Room

If you try to obtain the minimalist look of Asian look, you can choose for the Japanese minimalist dining room. Set it in a simple way. Just obtain the dining set that comes in a simple design for the table and the chairs, you can choose the one that come in black or in dark wooden color. Then trim it with the natural color rug and the simple shape chandelier like the white ball lantern there. Do not forget to set the bamboo plants in rattan pot to trim your Japanese dining room look perfectly