Four-Level Terrace House with Modern and Stylish Touch

Last Summer I went to Singapore for my holiday and I stayed in my friend’s four-level terrace house there. I do not know, we never we have never met since a year ago from that moment and she has a really magnificent dwelling in Singapore. Imagine that, four levels dwelling for her and her husband. Then I do really please to stayed there in three months. Holiday in Singapore is just like having a shopping holiday for me, because only in Singapore I can spend small pennies just for Louise Vuiton, Prada, Channel, and the other brands.

My Friend’s terrace house is located near Orchard Road where the shopping center is built. Then I did really love to walk along the orchard road with my friend every day and spent friend quality time together. Because Singapore is include to the tropical country then at that time was the rainy season there, then usually I just spent my time in her terrace house enjoy the rain with a cup of tea and a small chit chat with my friend. The terrace is located in the upper floor of her house then the scenery from there is really awesome. The sunset, the rain, that was really awesome.
Guest Bed Room

There I sleep in a really comfortable bedroom with two beds. Actually that was mean for two people but it is okay, I am fine to sleep in two different beds every night. He room seemed really modern and minimalist. The floor is set in wooden floor and the bed frame in a white as the colors of the wall. Then I love the shelf above my bedroom, so simply but really lovely. Then the curtain is made of satin and the colors are brown. The color combination was really awesome.
The Home Décor

I do really know that my friend’s taste is really good. She was graduated from art school then to décor her house, she got A from me. I do not know since when she loves orchids, white orchids, because she set the orchids all entire her house, the smell and the unique shape of the tropical flowers make her house became so beautiful. Then she also set the European classic statue in her living room and float candles in a glass to décor her house perfectly.