French Alps Scenery Beautiful House

Last week I went to my Uncle’s house in Comblux near the French Alps. He invited me to come to his chalet for skiing in Mont Blanc. My first impression when I came to his chalet is wonderful. He successfully combines the wooden rustic stuffs with the modern furniture that make his dwelling come in a unique sense. He loves hunting, so he set a lot of animal stuffs inside the house like the tiger rug complete with its head that sometimes freaked me out when I inadvertent stub it.

Not only the tiger rug but he also set the preserved deer head that hang upon his living room wall and the intact preserved deer in a glass tube. Beautiful, but sometimes I just little bit creepy to saw the deer like stared at me. Beside the animal stuffs there, I have my favorite decorations in my uncle’s chalet. The first is the Navajo Indian tribal wooden statue that set under the preserved deer head precisely. My uncle get this kind of sculpture is when he went to Mexico last year. Then the second stuff is the Thai head statue that he got from his Asian friend when he traveled around Asia.
The Porch and Terrace

I can remember how the Mont Blanc scenery clearly saw right from my uncle’s porch and terrace. I was so amazing. In the second floor porch I can enjoy the beautiful of the Mont Blanc and French Alps scenery while I was taking a bath in Jacuzzi that lay down sweetly in the porch. Moreover, in the other side of the porch my uncle provided me the white longue chairs complete with the stainless steel small table to put the drinks. From there I could witness the beauty of nature perfectly.
The Comfortable Living Room

Actually the living room is still in a same room with the dining room, but I think it is okay, because my uncle set them in a proper way and colors then the look there is really comfortable and really spacious. The colorful cushions that set there makes me really loves to linger there longer while read a book. The lighting is enough from the wide windows, for the night, my uncle set a standing lamps and the chandelier for the night vision.