French Country Inspired Homes for a Rustic Look

If you try to obtain the rustic look of your house then it is the perfect choice to choose the French country inspired homes as your influence to you house will be. The country French house that usually has the prism or even cone roof in a dark colors and the sweet and warm touch of color in the wall hat usually combined with the touch of brick or stone is really suitable for your rustic look house. Then you can make it in two stories or even into a story is always okay.

Just try to obtain the spacious garden in it, make it covered by the green lawn that trims by the flowers in the edge of your house. You can imagine how you smell the flowers when it is spring and summer. Then just use the classic window pane that made of wood that paint in white or even the dark wooden colors as well. The sense of the rustic house will sorely appears when you try to make the house has a little doorsteps in front of the front door perfectly.
The Brick Wall

The brick Wall that used in this house is come variously. The house trims by the brick and the stones that come in natural colors beautifully. Like the red brick that will really sweet to be combined with the soft cream wall colors and the white brick will really suitable to be combined with the soft grey or even white. Then for the grey stony color will really suitable to be combined with the grey wall and the other sweet natural colors that you want to obtain there.
The Unique Roof

Mostly of the house is set in a dark roof, but this is really special for the French country house, because of the shape of the roof that usually come in a prism or cone. The cone shape of the roof had been influenced the Victorian house style in British and America. Then the Prism also had been influenced most of the house in Europe, remember that French become the center of everything in restoration age in Britain.