Garage Floor Tiles to Apply in Renovation

My father wanted to renovate our garage, and then he particularly wanted to change the garage floor tiles. The reason why my father wanted to change the floor was because the floor has been spotted by lubricating oil. Hence, the floor looked very dirty. Actually, he could clean it by warm rag. Still, he could not overcome the matter. Then, he was going to get the renovation. My father wanted to have durable floor like the previous. He, then, told to my brother to help him with the renovation.
Planning Ahead

My father set the plan with my brother. My brother asked him what kind of garage floor he wanted. My father told my brother to get the durable and strong garage floor. My brother understood my father’s wish. Later on, my brother explained more things about the floor types. He told my father that the floor has three common types. The first type is about painting or coatings. This concept of this floor is coating the floor with specific paint. Second type is tiles, and then the third type is mats.
The Application

My brother, then, asked my father which one is his choice. Then, my father asked again which one is more durable. My brother told my father that all the floor types remain the same. My father chose the tile type. He wanted to take the similar floor type as the previous floor. Then, my brother asked the pattern and the colors. This time, my father wanted to choose the diamond pattern tiles. My father told to combine several colors for the floor. He might want to get red, grey, black, and white.

My father tended to draw the color into a specific floor layout. My brother just looked at the layout design. He wanted to draw two big squares adjusted to the width and length of the garage. The big square would consist of red, grey, and black. The red is for the frame, and then the grey and black are combined together. While the outer from the red frame, my father applied the black and white tiles like a chest board.