Girls Bedroom Furniture for the Lovely Daughter

My friend wanted to build a room for her daughter, so that she looked for girls bedroom furniture. She wanted to build the bedroom as her daughter’s wish. A girl bedroom usually consists of the girl stuff as well. Typically, the bedroom consists of bed, cabinets, desk, and cupboard as the major furniture. She wanted to get the furniture by asking her daughter. Moreover, she wanted to find the decoration to complete the bedroom. My friend thought that the bedroom for girls should be cute and colorful. Still, she should ask her daughter first to decide the theme.
Asking for the Theme

My friend asked her daughter to know what she wants in a bedroom. I told her that my friend should bring her daughter to the furniture store. Then, her daughter can choose her own furniture. Of course, she should supervise her daughter choices. My friend can adjust the furniture to the daughter’s characteristics. Nevertheless, pink theme becomes the favorite theme for a girl bedroom theme. It was also similar to her daughter choice. Her daughter wanted the room in pink theme. Of course, my friend should find the furniture and decoration.
Setting the Room

My friend and her daughter finally got the furniture and the decorations for the bedroom. She began with placing the white bed frame. She set the mattress and then this bed became white lacy bed. She placed the white cabinets near the bed. Then, my friend set the pink cupboard facing the bed. The pink desk was near the cupboard. This desk was featured by purple chair. Moreover, she installed the wooden floor to create warm ambiance. Then, she applied the pink stripped wallpaper combined with pink wall.

Talking more about decorations, my friend set the white sitting lamp above the desk. She also placed the white rug there. Then, she placed the pink bed bench near the bed as the decoration. She added the funny sitting lamp for the bed. In addition, she placed the white vanity table in the corner of the room. The vanity table is designed for a little girl. To protect her daughter from the mosquitoes, she installed white lacy mosquito net above the bed.