Glass Backsplash for Kitchen in Modern and Classic Look

You can put the glass backsplash for kitchen right in your kitchen with modern sense. Glass is transparent, but you can trim it as you like because of its transparency. You can try to obtain the one that has flowers, birds or even clouds motives in it or you can just set a colored hidden lamp there to make it shining in your modern kitchen perfectly. The colors that usually become the lamps colors are yellow, blue, aqua, turquoise, and many more. You can also set the frosted glass with the colored hidden lamps.

The combination of the frosted and the hidden lamps concept will magnificently tri your kitchen. You just have to remember that the frosted will make the shine of the lamps not really shine. Then it is better choice for you who try to obtain the low shade of colored hidden lamps in your kitchen. Then just set the lamp in white bright light to make you clear to see around the kitchen. Then if try to make the hidden lamps inside your backsplash, you need to make it in a plain transparent glass backsplash to make it maximally shining out your kitchen.
The Frosted Glass Backsplash

If you try to obtain this kind glass backsplash, then you have to make sure that you have a classic style of kitchen. This frosted glass backsplash is really suitable to be put in the kitchen that has the classic theme. Moreover if you set it together with the classic chandelier upon the ceiling and the details of the cabinets and the counters that make the classic or vintage look more sorely felt there. Just choose for the silhouette or the motives that frosted in the glass depend on your taste.
Hidden Lamp Glass Backsplash

Then this hidden lamp glass backsplash is really suitable for your modern kitchen. You just need to obtain the neon and the glass that really suitable with the size of the backsplash in your kitchen. Then set the lamp in the upper and the lower space of the backsplash, then put the glass in it and viola, your hidden lamp glass backsplash is ready to switch on.