H3 Studio House in Athens

When I went to Athens, Greece in holiday purpose, I saw the beautiful H3 studio house. The house comes in a futuristic house design in two stories and the spacious swimming pool with the large green lawn for the front and back yard. The view there is really magnificent. If it is a real house to dwelled by me then I will really please to live there as long as I live. The look of the house is really modern and futuristic complete with the wide windows and the unique window panes.

The house is dominated with the white wall and the white floor. The second floor garden is really magnificent with the green lawn that placed in the upper level. The scenery there is really adorable thus the sparkling of the swimming pool and the green of the backyard is really beautiful to be seen from the second floor. Then most of all the lighting is set in hidden lamps that look like a diamonds from afar. This dwelling has no neighbor then it will really exclusive to live there.
The Outdoor Nook

This house has two outdoor nooks. The first is placed in the first floor and near the swimming pool complete with its white chairs and the round table. I can imagine there will be a romantic candle light dinner there if we set the float candles in the swimming pool and the petals all around the nook. Then the second nook is in the green lawn second floor that made of woods. Really beautiful if we spend our breakfast there, that would be really fresh and really adorable.
Unique Window Panes

From the outside there is a unique window panes in the second floor that actually not only used for the panes, but also a book shelves. The shape of the shelves is really beautiful random line with white shade and the thick glass. From afar, the bookshelves look like a beautiful pane that really elegant trim the outside look of the futuristic house. The look of the pane is really unusual for the panes look then the futuristic style of the house become perfect by the unusual panes book shelves.