Hotel with Pool in Room Designed Beautifully

When I spent my holiday in Venice I stayed in five stars hotel with pool in room. Actually the swimming pool not only in the room but also in the outdoor that really beautiful to blend with the beach scenery there with the infinity swimming pool, but the indoor swimming pool also adorable with the beautiful hidden lamps in the night that come like a stars or the private swimming pool that intentionally set in a room together with the bedroom.

I checked in to the room that has a private swimming pool inside the room. What makes this swimming pool become so adorable is the water that can be set in the temperature that we want. Just like Jacuzzi, the wave water or the bubble one we can set instantly. Somehow enjoy the private swimming pool just really bored. Then I used to came to the indoor swimming pool that provided form the hotel. Even though the water is cannot be set to the water temperature that we want.
Infinity Private Swimming Pool

Not only those swimming pool that provided by the hotel, but also the infinity private swimming pool that come small in the back of the room. The room has the same price with mine, but the swimming pool place just different. The infinity private swimming pool is really beautiful to see from the outside. The sparkling of the clear water is really make the hotel really look so summer and always in holiday mood. The first floor room that provided with the private infinity pool is near the beach scenery then it is really beautiful to swim there.
Like Swimming underneath the Stars

When I swam in the indoor swimming pool that for all of the guests, I feel like swam underneath the stars and the night sky. The hidden lamps are set in a very complicated span and size that make them become like a stars in the night sky. The scenery there is really beautiful. I loved when the hidden lamps blank that make the scenery there really like in the outside swimming pool. The concept is really smart and adorable.