House in Dnepropetrovsk Built in Luxurious Modern Design

I ever saw a truly luxurious house in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The house actually belongs to my Uncle that loves the luxurious look and modern house. The house built in a land that really spacious space in for about 21.500 square feet land. The house consists of three stories and each room has its own theme and style depend on the function of the room itself. Most of the used colors are the neutral and natural colors that make the house really classy and luxurious.

The adding of the hidden lamps make the house comes really shining out like a diamond. The combination of the hidden lamps, furniture, and the decorations of the house is really blended to the house that comes in neutral and natural palettes. The glass rails and the wide windows perfect the appearance of the house completely. The modern decorations like the stony look carpet and the wooden ewers make the living room really beautiful complete with the window bays that trimmed by the grey zabutons.
Second Floor

In the second floor there is the living room that becomes my favorite spot there. There placed two brown sofas, cream rug and a wooden coffee table. Just like the ordinary living room furniture. What makes me really love the living room is the indoor plants that placed stick to the wall and the wide windows that made me can enjoy the sunshine from there and saw the beautiful garden from the second floor clearly. The black floor and the wooden wall that combine with the indoor plants become so beautiful for a living room.
The Bedroom

Actually at the first time when I as to my uncle to stay there for a week he give me two choices for a bedroom. The first is a vintage look room with beautiful wallpaper, wooden stairs and the ivory color look bed and the other things that trim the room really girly and vintage. Then the second room is come really modern with the magenta wall glass and the white puffy stairs for the girly stuffs that keep in the room perfectly. The floor is just the same for both rooms. Then I choose the vintage one because it just feel like home.