House in Saijo Inspired by the Pit Dwelling

I ever saw the Modern pyramid shape house in Saijo, Hiroshima, Japan. I dwelled the house when I was got a student exchange there. I lived there with my home stay’s family. The family is really friendly and warm and I have a room that located in the third floor. This house actually shaped in an unfinished pyramid shape. The top of the house has no peak and just like a trapezoidal shape. This house is consist of three stories and designed modernly.

Then, I would like to describe the first floor that look alike the underground floor but actually the first floor just concealed by the high land that deliberately constructed. Then from the outside the house is just like a black pyramid shape with no peak. But actually the house is really big and spacious. Then, the first floor is for the living and dining room. The room is trimmed by the wide windows all over the room as a half of the wall. Then the floor set in grey.
The Living and Dining Room

The home stay owner put a lot of indoor plants inside the house in the first floor. The sense there is really spacious and really minimalist. The dining room consist of the wooden dining set that placed in the corner of the room near the wooden stairs that will lead us to the second floor. Then in the living room there are just a grey couches and cushions that trim the first floor beautifully. There we did not need the lamps in the daylight but if it is getting dark outside the hidden lamps are ready to lighten the room up.
The Bedroom and the Bathroom

Then, the bedroom is divided into two rooms. The first bedroom is the main bedroom, for the owner of the home stay that build together with the bathroom in the second floor. The bathroom is really minimalist and not really spacious remember that the space is not really wide than the first floor. Then the rest of the bed room is located in the third floor. That was for me and their child that fortunately, we are girls. Then it was okay to be her roommate for three months there.