House M as Modern Three Stories Dwelling

Last Summer I went to my Uncle’s house M in Italy. The house is really adorable and arranged in really modern look. What made me excited at that time was the summer swimming pool there. My uncle set the grey longue chairs also for sunbathing underneath the Italy’s sun that shining warmly in summer. Then in the afternoon my uncle and I usually spent time together to have a chat in the couch that set near the swimming pool while enjoyed the sunset sky there perfectly.

His House is consisting of three stories, even though from the outside look, it is only looks like two stories. He built the house with the underground floor for his garage. Then the look of the house is totally in neat shape and with the white wall and the wide windows all entire the house. The flat roof and the glass rail make the modern look of the house really felt. Then the hidden lamps that set everywhere outside and inside the house make the house really sparkling.
The Modern Amazing Stuffs

What makes me really loved to stay there for my summer were the modern stuffs that in my college boarding room would never exist. The designer of the house used the illuminated stairs with glass rail. Imagine that, you stepped to the stairs that shining out under your feet. That was really amazing. Then the other amazing stuffs are the perfume Shelves in the bathroom. You know? I can change my smell every day. All of the smells provided there, I just used the perfume depend on my mood.
Multifunction Living Room

Actually I do not really know how to call the room. Because the room is the living room and also called as library because the bookshelf that set there. There was set the wide windows face the garden and the grey couches complete with the television and black rug that really blend to the white floor and the white wall. Then behind the couch there are the large bookshelf and hang realistic vintage painting. Beside the television there are the indoor plant that naturally trim the house.