House Plans with Pools Creating My Father’s Design

My father likes to improve our house, and then that time he thought to make house plans with pools. He likes doing the water activity. He has dreamt the pool since he built the house. The time when he built the house, he could not build a pool because of the budgets. Yet, he plans to build the pool for sure in his retire periods. Moreover, he discussed the plan with my husband because my husband works in the architect firm. However, my father looked happy when planning the pool for the house.
Things to Consider

My father discussed the pool plan for several times with my husband. He mentioned the details for the pool. My father wanted to create the cozy and relax atmosphere around the pool. He then mentioned that he wanted to feature the pool with specific swimming pool furniture and decoration. Furthermore, my husband gave the choice for my father whether he wanted to build it in outdoor or indoor. My father absolutely chose the outdoor pool. He then began to choose the design, furniture, and the decoration.
Building the Pool

My father got the final pool design. He was very satisfied to its design. He started to build the pool several months ago. He built the irregular pool like in the Laguna. He wanted to create the natural shape. He then chose the deck for the pool. He installed brown stone deck. He tried to get a good combination of the pool and the deck. Then, he added the white sofa set with square wooden table. In the pool bank, my father placed the white umbrella table. The more excited thing was my father placed several white wooden pool benches aside the swimming pool.

Furthermore, my father also planted the lawn around the swimming pool. He wanted to create the green spot as well. After waiting several months, he could see the result of the design. He found something missing there. Hence, he realized to arrange the lighting system to make the pool more stunning. He utilized the lights from the terrace. He also installed the underwater hidden lamps which were installed in the pool wall.