Icf Home Plans for Your Home Dream

If you need the plans for your home then the Icf home plans are the best choices for your home dream. You can see the plans of the house online or by offline by come to its office and see the catalogue. They provide you the home theme from the modern style to the Victorian style. You can just ask for the detail and the specifications of the house to the architect and you can easily decided whether which one is the most suitable for your taste and your need.

Then after you deciding the house plan, you can simply choose the wall color, roof and the garden style that might trim your house perfectly. Then you can also try to ask to the architect to make a certain bedroom, bathroom, and the other room that you want to multiplied. The size of the room also can be requested, just make sure your land size is enough for it. Just discuss the home and your need with the architect to make your dream home come true.
Modern House Plan

The one that Icf home design tries to offers to you is the modern House Plan that looks really modern with its flat roof in a white outdoor wall and square shape house. The house is completed with the wide windows that make you easier to obtain the sun shine through it. The plan usually planed build near the beach and the house will be built in contemporary style of house. The house plan usually builds the garage that can load two cars. Then you will get four rooms and two bath rooms.
European Traditional House Plan

This house will really make you amazed by this outdoor look that really in a medieval era of Europe with two stories, Symmetrical shape of house, spacious garden in the front and the prism roof shape make this house really looks like in the Bram Stoker’s House in his novel entitled as Dracula, with the stony wall and the luxurious sense of medieval era. There you will provide by the garage that will load for about four cars, four bedroom, and three bathrooms. This kind of traditional house will really please you who loves unique house as well.