Interior Design of Bed Room in Classic Modern

My cousin has just moved to her new apartment in the down town, and then she told me to see her interior design of bed room. She looked really satisfied when she told me her new bed room. Of course, she was successfully attracted me to see her new bed room. That time, I planned to visit my cousin in the end of the week with my sister. Still, I did not tell her about our visit. I just wanted to surprise her.
Arriving to My Cousin’s House

Once I arrived there with my sister, I knocked the door. Then, my cousin seemed very surprise to our visit. She greeted us very well. She invited us to the living room. After having chit chat for a while. My sister did asked her to show her new bed room. My cousin was eager to show her new bed room. Before that, she was likely to give us a short presentation. She explained how she could design and make the bed room.
Doing the decoration

My cousin told us that her bed room uses like classic modern theme. She said that she placed the king size bed there. I saw that she placed the white ornamented bed frame. She chose the bed frame that has large white head board. I saw the bed was very comfortable. Then, my cousin applied the wall like European wall design. It had little bit ornamented. My cousin also put a big mirror aside the bed. She put the small white side bed table. She wanted to create the cozy and comfort spot for her. She also added the bed bench there.

To make more comfort bed room, she install the wooden floor. She likes reading very much. Then, she built the hidden bookshelves near the bed. She wanted to add some accents to the bed room. Hence, she put the long green chiffon. This chiffon was placed rounded the windows. She also used the unique clamp wall decoration. Moreover, she also put the similar thing to the chandelier. The clamps were colorful as I see. To make more comfort zone, she added the window bed under her window.