Interior Design Style in the Living Room Extension

My mother really likes to talk about interior design style. She has the passion here. Moreover, she has built a new house. She told me to visit her house. Since I live in different city from her, I could not visit her often. Yet, I promised her to visit her this holiday. The holiday season came; I called my mother that I would be there soon. I could imagine how excited her. Soon after that, I made it happen to arrive in her entrance door. I knocked the door and met her after several times.
Going inside to the Living Room

My mother asked me to come inside. I thought that the house is very detail in design. Of course, I felt little bit strange when coming inside to a new house. Then, my mother and I had conversation in the living room. I asked my mother about the design. Surely, she really excited to answer my questions. The living room was set in white and brown color scheme. She placed the white sofa set with glass table there. She put the cream rug there. She installed the wooden floor for the room. It was really refreshing.
The Extension Room

Aside the living room, my mother did not add some partition. It was for the room efficiency she said. She wanted that the room looks spacious. She built the television room. Hence, the guests could feel the entertainment and have conversation in one place. She wanted to create the place where people could enjoy staying there. She built the television room in different theme. She put black and white television cabinets there. In front of it, she added the stripped brown rug. She also put unique black chair.

More than that, my mother asked me to taste her meal for dinner. Then, I sat in the dining room. This room is still the extension for the living room. Hence, I could imagine the long room way. She put brown wooden dining table set including the cream leather chairs. She also installed the brown curtain around the room. It shows the modern theme for the dining room. Anyway, the classic chandelier above the table is the centre of attention.