Interior Designs for Living Rooms with Modern and Minimalist Look

Interior design for living rooms are really important remembers that living room is where we do our most time there. Then to make the living room as comfortable as we could is a must. The look that usually used for the nowadays living room is the modern and minimalist one. The modern living room is must be minimalist, but the minimalist one is not always come modernly. Then it is your choice to make your living room in what kinds of style. Just mix and match the colors and the furniture and you will get your beautiful living room that you want.

I ever saw really beautiful living rooms. The first is my neighbor’s, the second is my aunt’s, and the last is my college friend’s. Three of them are trimmed modernly with the magnificent sense in the room. I can feel the different feeling when I came to the living room. My neighbor’s has a really minimalist look with the wooden floor and the white wall there. Then the couch and the armchair design simply and minimalist in ivory color that really matched to the wall colors as well.
Modern Natural Living Room

The second living room that I want to discuss is my aunt’s living room. She really love the natural look that make the sense there become sweet and warm like her living room. She set the look like the Zen look. With the natural color that she apply to the wall and the floor and the furniture there. She gets the wall in a stony grey wall that really matched to her cream marble floor. Then the brown couches and the dusty color rug are really suitable to the black wide window panes that set there beautifully.
Luxurious Sense Living Room

My college friend is from rich family, then her house come really luxurious. When I went to her house, I so really amazed to her living room that set really modernly and luxuriously. The combinations color of the white, cream, wooden colors, ivory and black is really beautiful trim her living room. She set the white orchid there complete with its white pot that beautifully beautifies the living room perfectly. Then the modern fireplace also makes her living room come in really stylish room as well.