Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets for Modern Kitchen Look

My friend always likes the European style integrated in her house; of course she wanted to build an Italian kitchen which is featured like Italian style kitchen cabinets. My friend wanted to build that kitchen to complete her home design. Later on, she came to a kitchen designer office. She asked the designer to help her making the concept. She was likely to get the right design for the kitchen. Nevertheless, she wanted to involve when the designer started to design and maintain the furniture.
Planning Ahead

My friend told to me that she trusted the design and the layout to the designer. She really wanted to realize the kitchen design to her satisfaction. Previously, her kitchen design was rather ordinary and traditional. Hence, she planned to get the new and fresh design. She wanted something in modern or contemporary design. She has told to the designer. She tended to place kitchen cabinets as the center of attention. She wanted the cabinet to have similar designs to create a good proportion. Then, she mentioned the details as well. She told the designer to add the decorations.
Placing the Furniture to the Kitchen

Surely, the designer came to her to show several designs. After looking for a while, my friend was interested in a particular design. She wanted to place all the kitchen parts in grey. She placed the grey kitchen set. She added the kitchen cabinets there. Then, she placed the kitchen islands in front of the cabinets. She also added the grey kitchen oven cabinets aside the cabinets. To make more storage, my friend added the glass kitchen shelves. Thus, the glasses would be reached easily. She utilized the shelves to keep the ingredient jars as well.

Moreover, my friend told me that the lighting should be maintained as well. Then, she installed the steel irregular chandelier in the middle of the kitchen. She wanted to create modern kitchen like said previously. Then, she also added the hidden lamps to get more lights. She changed the floor to install white marble floor. Moreover, she added the glass vase to make the kitchen more fresh.