Japanese Garden Design Plans for Small Land

Japanese garden design plans for your small garden will really make our garden in an oriental look of garden. Just smartly choose the flowers and the tree that you can plant in your small space like the potted plants or the bushes. For the tree just obtain a tree that shape in a really oriental look like sakura, maple, yew pine, saucer magnolia and many more. Then plant the green lawn in your garden perfectly to make the base of your garden house.

To make your garden in a beautiful look youc an also set the garden waterfall, small pond, small wooden bridge and set the natural stone if you want. Just remember that your house are only provide you the small space for a garden, just do not worry because the beauty of the garden will be seize in your front yard if you read this article till the end. Just keep imagining and searching for the concept while you are reading this article.
Flower Japanese Garden

If you the flower lover, then it is better for you to set your house in a flower garden with the typical Japanese flowers like amaryllis, anemone, ambrosia, aster, azalea, bluebell, cactus, camellia, carnation, sakura, chrysanthemum, daffodil, dahlia, daisy, edelweiss, Erica, forget-me-not, hibiscus, lavender and jasmine. Just for your information, the usual name of the flower also has its name in Japan. Then the Japanese name of the flower usually used as the girls name there. If you think that the flowery garden is not enough, you can set the trees there perfectly. The sakura will perfectly trim your flowery garden beautifully.
Japanese Garden of Eden

If you think that the flowers garden is not enough, you can also plant the tree that typically oriental. You can set the small pond in your small garden complete with its wooden bridge and the natural stone that will trim your small garden into a small garden of Eden that really beautiful to watch. You can also set the garden water fall in the wall if you want. Just set the pond and the garden waterfall naturally to obtain the Japanese natural garden that really stunning.