Japanese House Design in Minimalist Look Dwelling

Traditional Japanese house design nowadays era becomes so rarely found in the Japan itself. The people tend to be more likely to have the modern unique dwelling as their house than to dwell a house that set in a traditional Japanese house. Maybe that is found in Tokyo, I do not really know in the other parts of Japan that might still conserve the traditional Japanese house as well. Then if you want to obtain the Japanese look dwelling, you are in a right article to read.

Before you obtain your Japanese look of dwelling, if you are not Japanese, you had better to get to know the Japanese furniture term like the tatami, zafu, zabuton, futon, kaiga and many more. You also have to know the oriental doors that usually used by Japanese and the chandeliers type and shape that trim their house perfectly with its oriental look. For the color of the wall, it is depend on your taste actually, but for the best result, you can us ethe natural color remember the sliding door usually come in a wooden.
Japanese Garden Look

If you try to obtain the Japanese garden look, then you had better to plant the sakura tree right in your house. I do not really sure that sakura tree can bloom perfectly outside Japan in spring, but you can try it if you curious and want to have one right in your house. After that, you can try to collect the bonsai that come in various shapes, size and types. Make the stages and set the bonsais in the stage to make them can get enough sun shine to do the photosynthesis. Then do not forget to set the green lawn in your garden.
Japanese Dining Room

Japanese house actually come in a simple concept and design. Usually for some family, they use the living room as their dining room as well. Then the concept of the room will be just the same with the dining room with the sliding wooden door, tatami to cover the floor, zabuton for sitting and the small table to put the foods. Then if it is a winter, you can set the kotatsu that Japanese people use as their heater in their dining and living room.