Japanese Interior Design for Minimalist Oriental Look Home

If you try to obtain the minimalist oriental look home, then the Japanese interior design is the most suitable choice for you. Just remember if you try to apply the pure Japanese style interior design you will really need the stuffs that usually named in Japanese itself like the zabuton for the floor cushions seat, zafu for the higher floor seat, tatami is the mats that usually covers the floor, futon is the low profile roll bed, kaiga is the Japanese typical paintings and kotatsu is the heated table that usually used during the winter.

After you know the terms and the shape of the stuffs, you can start to hunt the furniture and set it right inside your house. Remember that the Japanese house is usually using the sliding wooden doors for their house. The usual pull and push door is just for their front door. For the detail look, you can watch the Japanese movie or the Japanese cartoon for the simple way. The colors is come variously, just obtain the one that will help you to set your house in s total Japanese look.
The Japanese Living Room

The traditional Japanese living room usually only needs the small space. Then it will separate from the other room by the wooden sliding door. And set the tatami mats to cover the floor perfectly. You can set the tatami colors in the same color with the wall. Then set small table in the corner of the room complete with its zabuton and zafu if it is needed. Set the zabuton, zafu, small table and the sliding wooden door in the same colors. Then for the final touch, you can set the kaiga there together with the oriental look chandeliers there.
The Japanese Bathroom

For the Bathroom actually there are two kinds of bathroom, the modern and the traditional one. The modern bathroom is already using the bath up and shower and for the traditional one use like a large pond that can be use as the bath up as well. For the modern, just set the low profile bath up in it then provide it with the simple rack and minimalist stuffs to make t still in a Japanese mood. DO not forget to set it in a wooden sliding door as well.