Japanese Sliding Doors for Changing the Doors in the House

My grandfather wanted to fix the doors in the house, and then he was interested in changing all in Japanese sliding doors. He wanted to get the doors fixed that week. He told my cousin about it. Then, my cousin got the troublesome with the Japanese door. It was because my grandfather wanted the original one like in the Japanese house. Moreover, my cousin asked his friend where he could get the original Japanese doors. My cousin has told my grandfather that finding the original would be difficult. Then, he tried to make the similar design for the doors.
Choosing the Design

My cousin told my grandfather about his plan above. Fortunately, my grandfather agreed with the plan. Hence, my cousin looked for the design. He found two different designs of Japanese door. He told my grandfather about that. The designs are Fusuma door and Shoji door. The Fusuma door has smooth surface door without any pattern. Meanwhile, the Shoji door has the plaid pattern on the door surface. Moreover, the Shoji door is common used in the Japanese house. My cousin offered the options to my grandfather. Then, my grandfather wanted to apply those two designs.
Going to the Details

My grandfather chose the two designs of door. Hence, my cousin thought again what to do. He got an idea for our grandfather. My cousin told him to change our grandfather’s bedroom door with the Fusuma door. Meanwhile, the other doors would use the Shoji design. My grandfather liked the idea. Then, my cousin found the various plaid patterns on Shoji design. He chose the contemporary shoji door. He thought that it would be suitable for the house.

Furthermore, my cousin should find the best quality wood for the door. It was because the door will depend on the wood quality. Moreover, my cousin started the project with his creation. He installed the brown wooden Shoji door in every room. Yet, he made the difference in our grandfather’s bedroom door. He installed the black framed of Fusuma door. It would give us a sign that the black framed door is our grandfather’s bedroom. Our family has seen the result, and they appreciated my cousin’s creation.