Kids Beds with Storage for a Boy and a Girl

I met my colleague in a café last time, and then he told me about his problem to find kids beds with storage for his kids. My colleague has a daughter and a son. All of them wanted to replace the old bed. Then, they also mentioned the special designs for their beds. They wanted beds with the storages in it. My colleague said that they actually have a lot of stuff instead of the study books and the clothes. They already have bookshelves and wardrobe for them.

My colleague invited me to his house a month after our meeting. He wanted to show the bed after I gave him my friend’s number. My friend is the furniture designer who has specialty in bedroom furniture. Of course, I was really curious about that. I arrived there the next day. I went there with my daughter. We met all of his family since it was weekend. We were invited to come in, and then I allowed my daughter to play with his kids. Moreover, my colleague asked me to see his daughter’s room first.
For the Girl

My colleague’s daughter has unique sense of art. I could see from her bed design. It was really complicated. She drew her imagination in the bed. I saw the white bed with drawers in the stairs. Then, I saw the other cabinets under the bed. Furthermore, she still has the shelves on the side of the bed stairs. My colleague also said that her daughter added the polcadot stickers on the wall for the accent. The room looks very nice and cheerful. Moreover, his daughter also added the pink round carpet aside the bed.
For the Boy

After that, my colleague asked me to see his son’s room. When I entered the room, I saw the difference design for the bed. It is made from wood. I saw the wooden bed with desk as well. Yet, I saw many drawers featured in the bed. It is like a box with secret drawers. Moreover, his son added the lime green carpet to make the room fresher. He also added the green wall decoration. This place is for sticking his pictures. Hence, I could see many pictures there.