Kitchen Bath Design for Your Modern Eco Friendly House

Kitchen Bath Design for Your Modern Eco Friendly HouseKitchen bath rooms are two important rooms in our home. Then you can trim it as beautiful as you want to make your quality time in your bathroom more enjoyable and can prepare your meals in a really comfortable kitchen as well. Then if you try to trim your house in a modern eco friendly house, you are in a right article to read here. I will give you the suggestions and advice to make your house in a natural look and eco friendly. Just keep on reading this article and have a nice modern eco friendly house.

Eco friendly house is not that hard to obtain. Just try to obtain the plants as much as you can inside you house, whether in your garden you have to trim it perfectly with the beautiful flowers and the other plants that will help you to reduce the global warming. Just set the specified plants that can grow inside your house like a African violets that really suitable to set in a table, Giant Birds of Paradise that will really nice if you put it behind the counters or near the window and many more.
Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

Then for your kitchen and Bathroom, you will really need to set your rooms in a modern look first. Because you will combine it with the eco friendly theme, then you will really please to set the wall and floor in a natural colors. I will give the example of the natural look rooms like this; set one side of wall in your rooms in a grey stony wall and for the rest you can set it in a light grey paint or just in a white. Then set the grey shade of floor for the best result. Then for the furniture, like cabinets, counters and the others just get it in wooden colors, the pale one will really beautifully combined with the stony wall in your kitchen.
The Eco Friendly Touch

After you can set the wall and the floor and successfully unite it with the wooden furniture, you can trim it with the natural decorations like indoor plants. Set the small indoor plants like a African violets, potted chrysanthemum, Chinese evergreen and rainbow bush on your small table, dining table, counters or even in your window panes. Then you can also set the bigger indoor plants that will really nice to put on the floor like weeping fig, giant bird of paradise, dragon tree of Madagascar, Norfolk island pine, peacock plant  or the snake plant.