L Shaped Bunk Beds for the Twin’s Room

I have visited my sister in law who has twin son, and then I looked her sons’ room, she used L shaped bunk beds. Since her twin is still boys, my sister in law combined the room. I saw the room is very neat for a boy room. I saw that there were many toys. I could see that her twin likes to play various toys. I saw also the similar things around the room. My sister said that they do not want the different thing from the other.
Talking about the Theme

When I saw the twin room, I wanted to ask my sister in law about the design of the room. I was wondering to know the design more. Moreover, the design could be my inspiration for my kids’ room. I asked my sister in law specifically to theme. She said that she use combination theme. She just wanted to create a boy room there. Therefore, she added the boy things there. The most important thing was that she should make more storage to keep the boys’ toys.
Setting the Room

I understood why my sister in law encompassed the storage. I saw many toys there. Moreover, I saw a lot of stuff instead of the toys. She, then, placed the wooden bunk bed for the twin. This bunk bed has many drawers to store the things inside. She wanted to get all boy stuff in the storage. She painted the wall with green color to make the fresh atmosphere. She also put the circle yellow carpet. She applied the wooden floor for the room because it is not slippery. The boys like to run everywhere, and then my sister in law would not worry that they will fall.

Furthermore, my sister in law placed the blue pillow on the bed. Then, she chose the cream bed linen. She also featured the bed with cream blanket. Moreover, she installed the blue curtain to the windows. To make the room fresher, she placed the boat miniature above the bed. She also built the desk near the bed. It would create the study atmosphere among the twin. Surely, the design gave me the inspiration.