Larix House in Big Wooden Wall Facade

My family went to my grandmother’s Larix house. We have not visited my grandmother for a month. We live in the similar town to my grandmother, but we are all busy last month. One particular time in last week, my grandmother called my older sister that she wanted us to be there that week. She wanted to hold a family gathering there. She wanted my older sister, my younger sister, and I to prepare for the gathering. Of course, we cannot refuse her request for us.
Arriving in the House

A day before the family gathering, my older sister, my younger sister, and I arrived to my grandmother’s house. There is no difference since we visited there last month. Of course, it did not take long time since then. We arrived to the wooden entrance door. I could say that the façade is not really interested. It is only a big wooden wall with a wooden door. There is no a single window over there. Yet, I am more interested in the side house because the home design can be seen clearly from this side.
More about Grandmother’s House

My grandmother wanted to give the difference look for the house in different side as well. Yet, she wanted to encompass the side look of the house. She installed the wooden canopy for the side terrace. She added the wide windows with glass sliding doors there. She also added the small balcony with blue bend steel balcony fence in the corner of the side house. Moreover, she installed the reddish purple floral floor for the terrace. Then, she installed the grey stone floor covered the rest of the outside house area.

Moreover, we moved to the living room. Since my grandmother wanted to hold a quite big family event, we should move the things in the living room including the white sofas, blue sofas, white arm chairs, and wooden table. We also moved the red patterned carpet from there. Hence, we could get spacious space in the living room. Still, we did not move the wooden dining table with the wooden chairs there. Anyway, there were many things that we should do.