Modern Baby Room Ideas for Girls for Mom To Be

Being a new mother will give you another excitement moment in your life, yet it was similar to my best friend, she searched the modern baby room ideas for girls. That time was her first time to be a mom. She has known that she would have a baby girl. Surely, she is very happy. Having a baby girl is her wish for long time. Then, she maintained everything to the details. If I saw her, she bought everything whatever she looked. Then, she asked me to help her set the baby room.
Buying the furniture

Before going to set the baby room, my friend has arranged the list of what she should buy for the baby room. She told me that she has decided the room theme. She had an obsession to complete the room with all furniture. I could feel what she felt for having her first baby. She wanted to feature the room with baby box, sitting lamp, cute wall decoration, baby bath table, and sofa. She told me that she would think the rest later if all the major needs have fulfilled.
Setting the Baby Girl’s Room

The ordered furniture has sent to her house. Then, my friend called me to help her even though she has hired several people to help her. When I arrived there, I saw many things there. I did not really recognize the stuff there. Yet, I still know the common baby stuff. My friend started to give the color on the wall. She applied the peach wall there. Then, she placed the white baby box. She added the green baby bath table aside the baby box. She put the white cabinets and white shelves in that room.

For the ceiling, my friend has it in blue ceiling. She added the sky ceiling decoration. Moving to the decoration, she added the pink floral shape carpet facing the baby box. She added the white sitting lamp as well. She decorated the wall with animal wall decoration and cherry blossom wall picture. To make the room warmer, my friend applied the wooden floor there. Anyway, she would still add some furniture and decorations inside.