Modern Bathroom Furniture Great Built for Master Bedroom

My husband wanted to build a new bedroom for our master bedroom, and then he looked for modern bathroom furniture. He wanted something that represented the modern era. My husband told me what furniture we would need to complete our bathroom. I told him that he should get the furniture and the fixtures like the other typical bathrooms. My husband, then, looked for more information about the furniture. He met his friend to discuss about the bathroom design. His friend is the owner of the bathroom and bedroom furniture.
Deciding the Furniture

My husband surely met his friend to talk about our bathroom. He told me that he asks his friend what he should place on our bathroom. His friend suggested my husband to buy the double bathroom vanity. This kind of vanity has two wash-basins with large vanity base. Moreover, his friend told him to determine the color of the wash-basin. Usually it has unmatched color to its vanity base. Then, his friend added that he should pick the neutral shower to make the bathroom more beautiful.
My Husband’s Decision

My husband knew that his friend has been experienced to give suggestion to the customers about the bathroom design. Still, he had his own understanding. He wanted his bathroom in modern look. Then, my husband bought the double black and white bathroom vanity. He did his friend’s suggestion in this step. Near the vanity table, he made wooden wall shelves to place the bathroom accessories like toothbrush holder, tissue box, etc. He also put the circle mirrors above the wash-basins. Hence, the vanity could be used for two people at once. My husband thought about time efficient as well.

Moreover, my husband painted the wall in white. This color gave the fresh atmosphere through the room. He installed the brown ceramic floor. He put the glass bathroom shower there. He tries to make a good proportion room. Of course, he did very well. He also put brown carpet aside the bathroom vanity. To make the bathroom more beautiful, my husband put the brown lantern vanity lamp. Apart from those, my husband went to the details like towel handlers, toilet paper holder, waste basket, etc.